I am just a girl with a demented mind, hopeless romantic,
obsessed with music and
fucked up things.

Slowly dying in the darkness.
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still living?


sadly. been working alot.

hell yeah nigga, then do you wanna get drunk and watch scary movies?


i love scary movies ;)! personally though whiskey is my drink.

You're 21? Will you buy an 18 year old rum? #CapnMorgan


Honestly I don’t think liquor should be illegal for 21 and under.

Ermergerd yer berg scers mer! ber yer questener! berbi, der yer suckas dos dickas?! ermbergerd <3


i have no idea what this says. but thank you for the question!

Hello there! I hope you're doing well. My question for you is: What is your happiest memory?


HI :) Thank You for the question!

My happiest memory would probably be when I traveled to the Czech Republic and I climbed a grassy mountain got to the top and could see all of Prague. I would give anything to be there again. I have never felt so at peace.